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I remember seeing Doyle perform to a tough crowd just out of London. This was before I got to play with him there. I thought this guy can sing. I mean really sing. I remember thinking that I hadn’t heard blues singing this good for a long while. I remember he was first on the bill and the headline act had seen him perform before. They came out and sat right in the front row to watch him before they did their own set. Malachi slayed em. He wasn’t singing no Muddy Waters or John Lee Hooker songs. This was personal blues sung from the heart. It was just after he released the album ‘Flood Alleviation Scheme’ A magnificent piece in itself. Later in the set he was pop, choirboy and Rocker all rolled into one.

The one plus one record is a snappy piece of life. Recorded back in his hometown of Melbourne it opens with the upbeat ‘We just gotta wait’. Guitarist Mario Genovese announces himself with the crisp and tasty style that compliments the whole record beautifully. Doyle is a real poet with great lines like “tears flood the world in an hour” and “hold my head coz of worry and scotch”. Other lyrics have a great realism to them. In ‘Child in Me’ he sings of jealousy the singer reprimanding himself with the simple line “it’s not the way I wanna be”. ‘Goin to the Airport’ is a real radio hit. A flat out love song as a lot of them are. ‘Baby you been gone too long’ is a personal favourite with its subdued blues and magnificent guitar playing from Genovese. Doyle sings, “you lift my melancholy ways” and manages somehow to insert the words “telecommunications are all good and well” and make it fit perfectly. Doyle ramps it up with full band on ‘Crazy for Her’ a good time 70’s style pop rocker! Another sure hit. ‘Head case’ sounds like its name a frantic but brilliant account of panic attacks, insecurity and speaking the truth. ‘I lived in a town’ presents with a beautiful melody brilliantly sung. The tale of a town one might want to miss on the tourist trek. The album finishes with ‘I walk the streets alone’ perhaps a late night stumble through the same town as the previous song. Doyle exhales a final take on his surrounds and emotions. “Pretty faces in a city of mixing races. Love is deeper than the skin. Where ego ends and the spirit begins”

In a plastic fantastic world where dishing up shit on a plate is the order of the day The 1+1 album stands out as a musically impressive and very real alternative. Real good singing, real good guitar playing, real good songs. (Terry McCarthy, Hot Spot 3000).

Band email: artshallbefree@yahoo.com


released October 17, 2013

Malachi Doyle - Vocals and rhythm guitar
Mario Genovese - Lead guitar, mandolin & bass
Damian Fitzgerald - Drums & Percussion
Recorded by Rob Park
Produced & Mixed by Rob Park, Malachi Doyle & Mario Genovese



all rights reserved


Malachi Doyle Melbourne, Australia

Born in Melbourne, Australia. Has travelled and toured widely, including long stays in Fiji and the UK to develop a unique blend of Folk, Blues, Country, Reggae and Fijian. Lyrical preoccupations of Love, Social Observation, Protest, God and Whimsy. Including bands 'Art Shall Be Free' and 'Bait', he has released 7 albums, a single and now his second EP. ... more

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Track Name: We just gotta wait
I can hear you cryin' in my sleep
Feel your breath on my face
We can laugh together though a year's passed
From your breast to my lips

We just gotta wait for a calm sea
Before we touch again
Or flood the world in an hour
The waves get too excited
Try their best to join in

It's sunny & it's foggy at the same time
No wonder I need a drink
Can you hear me singing past midnight
Do I keep you awake?
Track Name: Goin to the airport
Goin' to the airport
Gonna see my baby
Goin' to the airport
Gonna wrap her in my arms

She's the finest bit of what-have-you
She's got the forest in her head
She's got the sweetest disposition
Her soul's an ocean in the sun

Can't wait to have some fun
We can laugh at how bad I dance
We can mess around without pants
We can smile in each other's face
Till our mouths cramp

Gonna whisper sweet nothings in her ear
She can drink Shiraz, I'll have a beer
Lord I pray this machine gets me there
To see my girl with curly hair
Track Name: Baby you been gone too long
When it gets round about midnight
I lay down in an empty bed
Hold my head coz of worry & scotch
We're in 2 different time zones
Long to feel your body
Long to see your face
If it weren't so bad it'd be funny

Baby you been gone too long

Telecommunications are all good & well
But then we hang up & you're gone
I want you with me at the start & at the end of every day
In my mind's eye I can smell your perfume
Thought of me & you fill the room
You're the best thing that's ever happened to me
My friend, my fool, my lover
You lift my melancholy ways

Baby you been been gone too long
Track Name: Lawn mowin' blues
U never introduce me
To people that u meet
It's like we're strangers in the street
It's like ur the queen and I'm ur pawn
U walk away at the sight of dawn
U only want me to mow ur lawn

I remember the day u came into my life
U never told me u were someone else's wife
U say ur not so sure, that this is gonna last
U only want me to cut ur grass
U only want me to mow ur lawn

Gonna find me somewhere I can park my machine
With a big roof over it (yunno) to keep it clean
Coz one of my wheels yeah, is getting all worn
U walk away at the sight of dawn
U only want me to mow ur lawn

I get my motor running
While u lie down in the shade
It gets so hot up & down ur hills
You start to hum when I oil ur blades
But the sun goes down & u walk away
U only want me to mow ur lawn
Track Name: Crazy for her
I'm crazy for her
She thinks I'm plain crazy
I'm crazy for her

Can't take my eyes off her
Can't take one ear off her voice
She thinks it's creepy
I pay her too much attention

I'm crazy for her
She thinks I'm just crazy
I'm crazy for her

Can't forget the sight of her skin
She thinks too much touch is a sin
She thinks I'm too weepy
Though I haven't let one teardrop fall

I'm crazy for her
She thinks I'm totally crazy
I'm crazy for her

Crazy to be so in love
In a world of slight acquaintance
Crazy to watch her dance
When she just puts one foot in front of the other
Track Name: The child in me
The child in me
Is spoilt indeed
I take it too easy on him
He don't respect me or you
All he wants is a hit of the tit

Times I am sick
Times I am weary

He turns against the man in me
& love don’t stand a chance

Baby, you're a woman now
Not a child & u need a man to love u
I get jealous, I get so needy
I'm not the way I wanna be

He turns against the man in me /me & u
& love don’t stand a chance /have a clue
Track Name: Head case
I'm a head case
I'm tired of finishing what I've just started
I'm a head case
I'm lonely for a family but can I make it last

I had a panic attack
A problem shared is a problem halved
But evidently not a panic attack
Coz I shared it with u & u totally freaked out

U kept going on
"He's gonna leave me"
But I also have freak outs
When I'm single too

I love u baby
Like no one before
But love don't change this
I'm a head case until the grave

I'm a head case!
Track Name: Not as good
Ur not as good as u were
Before ur 19th nervous/mental breakdown
U can't play the same game
Can't put on the bright face

Ur shyer than u used to be
Ur happy to just to play for free
Coz u know u won't do as good a show
As someone called younger u

U don't have the same spark
As u did in times before
U lack the crowd pleasing showmanship
U fear ur performances bore

These are things that were sacrificed
Through drink drugs & wild nights
Ur not the man that u were
But ur baby still loves u the same
Track Name: I lived in a town
I lived in a town
Where no one carries a camera around
For fear of being stabbed
Keep you head down & don’t acknowledge what you’ve seen
The criminals who rule this town
Who "...choke the breath of conscience and good cheer.."
Bob Dylan wrote that
Are looked up to by children, lamented by the middle aged
Who spent their youth enthralled
On the very same stage
I lived in a town

I lived in a town
Where music is just designing a mask
Displaying all the power that you pretend to have
Where kindness is seen as weakness
Which it proved to be
Coz one can’t buck the trend & in the end I had to leave
I never learned to be a superman, or a walking ghost unaffected by it all
In the end this town got too small
I bashed my head up against the wall
I lived in a town
(& I ain’t comin back, ever comin back again)

In the end I had the means to get back home
Where one can feel like a man
& it’s no big deal
I wear my heart on my sleeve
Less than I used to
Coz I been scarred
I ain’t a hard man, but don’t fuck with me
Thing is I wanna yield
I wanna fight the good fight coz I know that it’s right
To open your heart up to the world

I lived in a town
(& I ain’t comin back, ever comin back again)
Track Name: I walk the streets alone
I walk the streets alone
Back to where I started from
She left me sad and blue
How long till the old turns to new?

I look for some kinda sign
From faces in the street
I drink and pray all night
Alternate between God and beast

So many faces, so many pretty faces
In this city of mixing races
But love is deeper than the skin
Where spirit begins and ego ends

I cry through the day
On my faithful guitar E B A
I can't forget u cheating me
I guess it was written in the stars, u & me

I walk back to the streets alone
Back to where I started from
She left me sad and blue
How long till the old turns to new?