Brush & Ink

by Malachi Doyle

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All songs Written, Performed, Recorded, Mixed
& Produced by Malachi Doyle

Mastered by Nathan Farrelly
Artwork by Denis Smith

Guest Musicians:
Peter Carolane – keyboards track 1
Johnny Tesoriero – drums tracks 1 & 2
Mario Genovese – guitar track 2
Daniele Noel – vocals track 2
Matt Nees – harmonica track 4

©Malachi Doyle 2016


released June 24, 2016

Written by Malachi Doyle
©Malachi Doyle 2016



all rights reserved


Malachi Doyle Melbourne, Australia

Born in Melbourne, Australia. Has travelled and toured widely, including long stays in Fiji and the UK to develop a unique blend of Folk, Blues, Country, Reggae and Fijian. Lyrical preoccupations of Love, Social Observation, Protest, God and Whimsy. Including bands 'Art Shall Be Free' and 'Bait', he has released 7 albums, a single and now his second EP. ... more

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Track Name: Give as good as u take
I arrived in town with middle class guilt empathy and a taste for weed
Weed opened a world up to me
Poor black oppressed insightful ingenious
I learned and loved and had a crazy time
Good awful laughter tears hysteria
I got to mingle with the world of exiles off the beaten track of my tourist traps
Like steely dan sang I became a third world man

And I looked at life with my face scraping against the road
Good people out there nearly all
More moral than the flirtatious bourgeoisie
Constant and honest
And declaring only a fool trusts another man

In lands of desperation
Bunny wailer sang
“The man oppressed will seem to
Do the worst…”
But they'll also take the lonely in
Ready to rip u off and stab u in the back
But never & this is paramount
Never to humiliate u

If u are humble not inverted proud
If u are without illusions
Ur faith will be returned
When u have escaped & survived
The scrapes
In another time another place
U will see the smiling faces
White teeth from the shadows
Life ain't long for most of the world

Give as good as u take
Track Name: Circle of folk
After the fall
The broken wing
The loss of song
The favouring of one side
The sorrow for self
Stepping down from shelves

The book without pictures
The losers and victors
Watching the angels above
Imprinting themselves on ur memory
Before they vanish forever

The cold and the fever
The preoccupation with sewers
And rats in the rank
The dry and the dank

U can no longer fly
U cannot even try
What's the matter friend?
U must lie
For the sake of saving face
For the sake of preserving God’s grace
For the sake
Of the umbilical soul

Ur skin turns white
U dress in black
U stick to facts
Less is more
The universe of numbers no longer leading to mystery
Only pragmatic certainty
U wish u could fly
But u cannot remember how or why
After the fall

©Malachi Doyle 2016